Autumn Greens Collection

Autumn Greens Collection

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The end of British summer invites leafy vegetables back into our gardens as the weather starts to cool. Our Autumn Greens collection includes vegetables you can plant while it's still warm yet continue to enjoy as the days begin to cool. 

In this collection we include plants that will offer leafy greens of various shapes, flavours and textures. Some will suit late summer salads while others will robustly feed you into the winter.

 This collection contains eight varieties of vegetables, with quantities as follows:

  • Dwarf Curly Kale (x 6)
  • Cauliflower (x 6)
  • Purple sprouting broccoli (x 6)
  • Spinach (x 6)
  • Brussels Sprouts (x 6)
  • Beet Leaf (x 6)
  • Cabbage (x 6)
  • Beetroot (x 12) 

See here for Optional extras to add to your collection

Despatched garden ready from mid August.