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Our Homegrown 'Container Collection' is perfect for those who have little growing space but still want to enjoy the fresh taste of summer through the season.

This collection of vegetables is designed to fit neatly in small spaces, while still providing an abundance of food to enjoy. It's as beautiful as it is edible, and when established will be bursting with vigorously flowering dwarf beans, colourful chards and irresistible tomatoes. 

This popular collection contains eight varieties of vegetables, with quantities as follows: 

  • Dwarf French beans (x 6)
  • Salad tomato plant (x 1)
  • Cherry tomato plant (x 1)
  • Courgette plant (x 1)
  • Cucumber plant (x 1)
  • Spring onions (x 12)
  • Rhubarb chard (x 6)
  • Dwarf runner beans (x 6) 

Minimal plant support is needed, just a collection of your favourite pots and a sunny spot! All seedlings are supplied garden ready, suitable for containers or the garden.

See here for Optional extras to add to your collection

Despatched garden ready - mid May to early June