About us

Here at Homegrown Market Garden, our aim is to help people grow their own fresh and nutritious food, regardless of the size of their garden, or levels of growing experience.

We know that growing vegetables can be rewarding, but growing from seed can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we do the hard bit and start them off for you, delivering them direct to your home, ready for you to plant and enjoy.

We also know that not everyone has ample garden space, that’s why our selection includes a range of easy to care vegetables that can be conveniently grown in pots on the patio. You’ll be surprised at where you can plant a garden and how ornamental some plants can look!

All our vegetables seedlings are supplied with full growing instructions that show you exactly how to care for your vegetable plants until they’re ready to harvest. What’s more, as part of our commitment to growing food, we also run a free local gardening group made of up of local home-growers just like you sharing gardening knowledge, and growing hints and tips. Learn more about that here

If you'd like to contact us or have queries, please get in touch with us by email at homegrownmarketgarden@gmail.com

We hope you'll also check back for future updates, we're constantly adding new plants and garden boxes throughout the season.

Take care. And happy growing!

Homegrown Market Garden Team