Homegrown Gardening Group

Our growing community

We're proud to be the owner and organisers of a wonderful, free gardening group that's open to anyone interested in growing their own fruit and vegetables, herbs or edible flowers.  It's rewarding to know that through this group we're also sharing knowledge and skills with our wider community, helping others to grow food too.

Homegrown Group

We established our Homegrown Gardening Group in early 2019 for getting people together to socialise while sharing gardening advice, hints and tips, seeds, produce and more! Since then it's grown into a thriving local growing community of people, each growing their food at home, and sharing their experiences as they do so. 

The group usually meets face to face in Bridgnorth once-a-month. This is for a general get together and is always on the third Saturday of each month. We also have additional meetups in between, mostly to other gardening themed or one-off events. Since March we have held the majority of our meetings online. This has allowed us to still get together virtually for regular catch ups but also to cover topics of interest with the help of group members and invited speakers. 

Membership to join the group is FREE, as is attendance at Homegrown group events (unless externally run). Our aim is to keep the group free for as long as it's possible, so that anyone who wants to learn how to grow food can actively do so!   

Growing your own food offers so many benefits and can positively affect your health, your wealth and your well-being. As home-growers, whether beginner or experienced, we hope to encourage more of that.

We look forward to welcoming you, and growing our own, together!

To join us, see what we're up to or for more general info: